Her Fortescue Diamond, a short story by Alicia Hope

A short story with a modern-day take on an age-old dilemma...

You write such wonderful heroes in your books Alicia, I've fallen in love with every one of them so far. So, how come you still haven't found a hero of your own?' 
'That's because the heroes in my stories are make-believe men. No real man could live up to them.' 
'Well of course they're not real Luvvy, you're a fiction writer. But writing about impossibly handsome, heroic types in your books shouldn't stop you from finding one in real life.' 
'But Polly, real-life heroes just don't exist. Or, if they do, they're as rare as ... the Fortescue Diamond.'

Rare? Maybe so, but just how perfect must the right man be?
Her Fortescue Diamond, is available in paperback and e-book from a number of outlets, including Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, and Smashwords.

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