The Token Female - a future project

All going well, in the near future I'll be releasing THE TOKEN FEMALE, a tale of corporate duplicity and sabotage with a touch of romance.

Nobody expects the 'token female' Verity Parker to break through the glass ceiling of multi-national Australian mining company RCL Alumina, so it comes as a shock, especially to her male chauvinistic colleagues, when she succeeds in snatching the job of CEO from the waiting hands of ruthless corporate nemesis Royce James. But then comes the real test, keeping her tenuous hold on the job and surviving the perils of upper management, some of which will take her right to the edge....

This is a re-release of my 2012 novel A Heart's Glass Ceiling, which is undergoing a complete makeover. And for those of you who read with your ears :) I'm also planning to release The Token Female as an audio book. :)

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