A new story takes shape...

Noble steed Jacko

Yes, it was time to start a new project and I had a hankering to write another rural story featuring some of my favourite things ... 
horses for one!  :-)

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When Abbey Miller’s trick riding career ends abruptly she’s left wondering what the future holds in store, especially now her supposedly doting boyfriend is missing in action. Already reeling from these calamaties, she’s left shattered by the news of her beloved uncle’s tragic death.
Heartsick and grieving, Abbey returns to central Queensland to take possession of her inheritance, the cattle station Clearwater Downs, where she hopes to find peace. Instead she’s faced with the farm’s mounting needs and dwindling bank account, a family friend in dire straights, a ruthlessly acquisitive neighbour, and suspicions about her uncle’s death.
And then there’s the good-looking squatter who seems disinclined to move on.
When things get too much for her Abbey is forced to accept help from the taciturn though undeniably capable squatter. But will her troubled hero still be around when she needs him most?


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