A new story takes shape...

Jacko, one of our favourites

Yes, it was time to start a new project and I had a hankering to write another rural story featuring some of my favourite things ... 
horses for one!  :-)

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When Abbey Miller’s trick riding career ends abruptly, she’s left wondering what the future holds in store, until word reaches her of her uncle’s accidental death and her inheritance of his far north Queensland cattle property, Clearwater Downs. Turning her back on the glitz and gruelling demands of the trick riding circuit that was her life before things went pear-shaped, Abbey makes the sad journey northward to take possession of her beloved uncle’s legacy.
She arrives to find squatters have made themselves at home in the sadly unkempt old farmhouse and have been helping themselves to her uncle’s choice baby beef. With the help of another ‘trespasser’, a black Kelpie who adopts her the moment she arrives, Abbey manages to move the squatters on. Loath to give up such good pickings, some of them don’t go far, including ex-military man and now antisocial drifter Jackson ‘Jack’ Granger.
            When an unsettling discovery leads her to run afoul of the neighbouring station manager, and a group of squatters returns to the homestead in the dead of night intending to oust her one way or another, even her loyal canine companion ‘Dopey’ can’t help her … not like Jack Granger can.


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