Alicia enters the audio book market


Another first!

My short story, Maggie, is now available as an audio book - narrated by yours truly. If you'd like to hear a sample, you can find it here.

This is the first of many I hope! :)

A new story takes shape...

Jacko, one of our favourites

Yes, it was time to start a new project and I had a hankering to write another rural story featuring some of my favourite things ... 
horses for one!  :-)

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If you're a contemporary or rural romance reader & would be happy to post a review on Amazon (& maybe Goodreads) in return for a free ebook, you might be interested in this.

What do we have here?

A wannabe Cafe Bird perhaps? ;)
I made him, BTW - the bird that is! :)

Café Birds ... & a Cow :)

This time the Cafe Birds flocked to the delightful local dairy centre (you'd never guess it was a dairy centre from the photos, right?!) which inspired the cafe in book 5, A Fine Canary Sang.

With me in the flock is (in alphabetical order) Aileen Albatross, Anne Apostlebird, Erica Egret, Marg Mockingbird, Penny Pardalote & Sue Seagull. We missed you, Helen Hummingbird.

Oh, and gumbooted Clara Cow deserves a mention too!

And the final addition to the Café Birds collection ...

Yes it's the complete series, in an ebook boxed set! 

Now available from all major retailers including Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

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The Café Birds (paperback) novel

*drum roll* ... And here it is, the novel in paperback!

Available from Amazon & other good book retailers :)

My new e-book series: The Café Birds


The five e-books in my Café Birds series are all now available from  Smashwords, Apple's iBookstore, Kobo and Amazon.

The series follows five modern Aussie women who call themselves the Café Birds. They meet regularly at chic cafés to share the ups and downs of life, love, and bird ownership over skinny and not-so-skinny cappuccinos.

Each of them has a goal, be it absolution, reinvention, a second chance to make things right, or finding real love. And each will need the support of her friends to overcome obstacles along the way....

Sisters of War, a novella by Alicia Hope

A tale of love, betrayal and courage in wartime Austria, of lives lived under the ever-watchful eye of the Third Reich.

 To Elise, a fourth generation Australian, world war two felt surreal, like the vague memory of an old black and white movie. Fuzzy facts and grainy images indistinguishable from those of childhood bad dreams.

But sitting at the bedside of her critically ill mother-in-law, she was about to learn the harsh reality of what had happened during those dark times, from the lips of someone born in one of the darkest of dark places….

A story based on the real-life experiences of five women who lived, loved and lost amid the atrocities of war.
Did these horrors really happen in a ‘civilised’ country
 a mere generation ago?

Sisters of War e-book and paperback now available from Amazon

★★★★★ "Couldn't put it down!" from Chelsea on Amazon:  I loved everything about this book! Cleverly written ... I couldn't put it down! Riveting story of war torn Austria. If you love a well written story intertwined with factual events then this is the read for you! Great work Alicia Hope. 

The Brande Legacy: Whispers at the Wall, a novel by Alicia Hope

Book two in the Brande Legacy series 

Where more than just mysteries lurk in the shadows, and a legacy can be a gift ... or a curse.

Claire-Rose Brande’s visit to Lorienne Castle, her resolution of an ancestor’s age-old predicament, and a reforged link with her family’s history, have opened the floodgates — mysteries are coming at her from all quarters of the castle’s ‘spirited’ past.

In the absence of her collaborator, Byron 'Mystery' McAlister, who can she call upon to help her solve the mysteries ... and survive them?
The second book in the Brande Legacy series, Whispers at the Wall, is now available in e-book and paperback from a number of retailers including Amazon, the Apple iBookstore and Smashwords.  

★★★★★ From Goodreads author and avid reader, Jenny Schwartz: "Whispers at the Wall" was a lot of fun. Imagine renovating a castle -- in New Zealand! And as if that weren't stressful enough (renovating is crazy), add in a lovely tangled romance that flows on from "The Brande Legacy". With so many plot strands to wrangle and ultimately resolve, Alicia nonetheless maintains a smooth, readable style and introduces some likeable characters such as "Jiff".  :) 

The Brande Legacy, a novel by Alicia Hope

Book one in the Brande Legacy series

Where more than just mysteries lurk in the shadows, and a legacy can be a gift ... 
or a curse. 

While holidaying at Lorienne Castle, Claire-Rose Brande becomes embroiled in an age-old mystery that touches her life, and her heart, in more ways than one....
Does she dare expose what lurks in the shadows?
Can she really put an end to an age-old wickedness?
And what does a holiday flirtation hold in store for Byron McAlister, handsome co-owner of the castle?

Mysteries aplenty swirl wraith-like within the castle’s walls, chilling all they touch. Are they imprisoned beneath the stone battlements forever, or will love triumph over the darkness, the deceit ... and the bitterness?

The first book in the Brande series, The Brande Legacy, is available in e-book and paperback from a number of retailers including Amazon  the Apple iBookstore and Smashwords.
★★★★★ from Goodreads reader Nilla: Congratulations Alicia, this was a fantastic read!  Once again you've incorporated romance into a very interesting and intriguing storyline. I found the book hard to put down and I especially enjoyed the unexpected twists - I would've liked the story to go on longer! It left me wanting more, so I'm hanging out for the next instalment! Can I suggest including a small family tree in the next book? 
[Author’s note: a family tree has now been included in both books, with many thanks for your excellent suggestion, Nilla.]

The Long Road to Loving Grayson, a novel by Alicia Hope

Being in love with one man, but married to another, isn't a situation uber-capable HR officer Maggie had prepared herself for.

And when civil engineer Grayson travels to a remote western Queensland town to relieve for six weeks, he isn't expecting to have to summon the Flying Doctors, survive a tropical cyclone, or lose his heart.

So when he finally sets off on the journey back home, neither of them realises that Maggie is also on the road ... 
the long road to loving Grayson. 

And there are plenty of roadblocks and obstacles along the way, so buckle up!

The Long Road to Loving Grayson is available in paperback and e-book from a number of retailers including Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, and Smashwords.  

★★★★★ From Goodreads author and reader, Jenny Schwartz: The Long Road to Loving Grayson is a wonderful, genuinely Australian story with a "Pom" for a hero - never mind his nationality *wink* I loved Gray. You'll enjoy the story. The characters are real and their struggles compelling. And the final line is brilliant.

Maggie, a short story by Alicia Hope

A story that tugs at the heart, MAGGIE is set in a small farming community in Western Australia 

"A symbol of love and compassion," he whispered, pressing something small and cool into her hand.
Blinking away the haze of tears, she glanced at her open palm and saw a dark gem float into view. It was a garnet, her garnet. The precious gift intended to bring comfort during his absence, the reminder he would return for her. The gift she'd lost but which had somehow found its way back to her...the way he never had.


Maggie is available as a paperback, an e-book, and as an audio book from a number of outlets including Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, and Smashwords.