Book 3 in my LONG ROAD series - out now!

Sometimes what a girl needs can be right in front of her....

Ebook out now - paperback coming soon!

Fires, storms, vandalism, and governmental whims are just a few of the issues Libby Barnes has to contend with after taking over the family farm in the picturesque lower south of Western Australia.

Loneliness is another.

Being young and unattached, she's also the subject of ongoing critical scrutiny by the ranks of doubters in the small farming community. Then a handsome stranger arrives on the scene, and Libby is no longer alone. 

But will this new man in her life prove to be an asset, a hindrance, or merely a distraction? And will he be there for her when disasters strike?

For readers who fell in love with bull-riding Luke in Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride, prepare to meet hunky farmer Mitchell in this latest in the Long Road series.

Discover how the choices Libby makes along the road to happiness result in a bumpy ride ... for more than just herself.


Libby's Easy-Peasy Recipe for Honey Oat Slice

If you've read my novel, The Long Road to Loving Mitchell, and licked your lips at the description of Libby's signature honey oat slice, here's the easy-peasy recipe (as passed down by Libby's mum, Rhonda):

Chocolate drizzle optional


·           1 cup rolled oats

·           1 cup sultanas/cranberries/mix of both

·           ½ cup SR flour

·           ½ cup raw or white sugar

·           ½ cup coconut

·           100 g butter

·           1 tabs honey (golden syrup is just as good/even better)



1.          Sift flour and add to dry ingredients in bowl.

2.          Melt the butter, add the honey/syrup to it and mix into the dry ingredients until the mixture clings together.

3.          Firmly press the mixture into a well-greased 11 x 7” lamington tin.

4.          Bake in moderate oven for 15-20 mins or until golden.

5.          Cut into bars while still hot and only remove from tin when cold.


Bon Appétit!

New year, new look for The Cafe Birds




The 'Birds' have been nagging me for a wardrobe update. 😀

What do you think of the new look?

Who loves ya, Jackson? ;-)

You're looking at one chuffed author!  

The Long Road to Loving Jackson has been featured on the Australian Romance Readers website, and received a confidence-boosting review (thanks Malvina 😍). 

Who loves ya, Jackson? 😉

 Haven't met this hunky hero yet? Click here to fix that!

For the horse lovers out there, and readers of rural romances :)

Available from your favourite online retailer.

Bad things often happen in threes, but if a girl's lucky she just might be offered a second chance ... or three.

Already reeling from the loss of her career, pro trick rider Abbey cops more blows that leave her utterly alone in the world. Devastated and heartsick she limps home to the Queensland cattle property she now owns, only to be confronted by a suspicious death, a close family friend in dire straits, snowballing responsibilities and dwindling resources, a shifty new neighbour, and an enigmatic squatter trespassing on more than just her land.

And when an easy way out presents itself, she faces some tough choices.   

Cut and run or stay and ride it out? 

Go against her beloved uncle’s final wishes or seize this last chance to redeem herself?

Lower her guard or fortify her battered heart's defences?

On a long country road it can be the hitchhikers we collect along the way that make the journey worthwhile.


The Long Road to Loving Jackson is an emotive and enjoyable romantic adventure with plenty of horses and heart, filled with realistic twists and some really neat surprises.’ – Readers’ Favourite reviewer K C Finn.


Songs from The Long Road to Loving Jackson

Here are the songs I feel represent Abbey and Granger, the main characters from my latest novel, The Long Road to Loving Jackson.

For Abbey it's Who You Thought I Was by Brandy Clark, and for Granger, The Spark by William Prince (rockin' his deep, smoky voice!).

Both songs the story's author also loves. :)

Look who gets a cameo!

Yes, this big fella gets a jersey (or should that be a saddle cloth?!) in The Long Road to Loving Jackson. And what a lovely fella he is. :)

Big Kiwi 'Cooper'

The first in the LONG ROAD series


Maggie's in love, just not with the man she married.

It's a situation the uber-capable HR officer never anticipated having to face, and when civil engineer Grayson travels to a remote western Queensland town to relieve for six weeks, he isn't expecting to have to summon the Flying Doctors, survive a tropical cyclone, or lose his heart.  
Like Australia's outback highways, there are plenty of roadblocks and obstacles to be negotiated along the long road to loving Grayson, so they'd better buckle up! 
Share this romantic journey through remote and ruggedly beautiful north-western Queensland, and meet some fair dinkum, colourful characters along the way.
 Available in ebook and paperback from your favourite retailer

"Highly recommended." - One Stop Fiction reviewer Kathleen Lance
I am not a fan of romance novels with insipid characters who can never manage to talk to one another. This romance is different. The setting is wonderful, the character of Maggie satisfyingly complex, and the conclusion very nicely done. [I highly recommend] The Long Road to Loving Grayson for fans of romance, and of light fiction in general.

"Aussie Outback Romance." - Amazon reviewer Jenny Schwartz
The Long Road to Loving Grayson is a wonderful, genuinely Australian story with a 'Pom' for a hero - never mind his nationality *wink* I loved Gray. The characters in this story are real and their struggles compelling. And the final line is brilliant!


At home with the hard-working author ...

The full revision of The Long Road to Loving Grayson - done and dusted. 🙋
Is that someone trying to read the new version over my shoulder? 
Na-ah, buddy, no spoilers! 😤

The Café Birds - literal chick lit!

In the style of The Jane Austen Book Club comes a tasty slice of suburban life and a hearty serving of true friendships.


'A well written book, The Café Birds kept me entertained from the opening chapter. I laughed out loud at times and felt my heart being pummelled at others, but all-in-all this is an excellent read set in Australia. 5 stars.' - Goodreads reviewer Margaret Watkins.
'This novel presents a slice of life. The characters in the book are truly human. Readers will laugh, cry, and hope that they too can become members of The Café Birds.' - book reviewer Kathleen M Lance.
The Café Birds is available as an ebook and in paperback from all good online retailers.

Bon appétit!

High tea-ing with The Café Birds ... & a Cow :-)

After receiving (delightful) comments from readers like:

'I want to "do" the cafés mentioned in the book,' and, 

'Reading The Café Birds made me hungry', 

I decided to organise Café Birds morning teas in some of the cafés that inspired The Lakehouse, Coffee Bean, Dining Car, Rainforest and Gallery cafés featured in the story. I wish all my readers could've be there high-teaing with us!

Here are some pics from a gathering of 'the flock' in 2016. ;-)

The Café Birds at the delightful local dairy centre (you'd never guess it was a dairy centre from the photos, right?! 😉) which inspired one of the cafés in the book. Can you guess which one?

With me in the flock is (in alphabetical order) Aileen Albatross, Anne Apostlebird, Erica Egret, Marg Mockingbird, Penny Pardalote & Sue Seagull. We missed you, Helen Hummingbird.

Oh, and gumbooted Clara Cow deserves a mention too!

What do we have here?

A wannabe Cafe Bird perhaps? ;)
I made him, BTW - the bird that is! :)

Sisters of War, a novella by Alicia Hope

A tale of love, betrayal and courage in wartime Austria, of lives lived under the ever-watchful eye of the Third Reich.

 To Elise, a fourth generation Australian, world war two felt surreal, like the vague memory of an old black and white movie. Fuzzy facts and grainy images indistinguishable from those of childhood bad dreams.

But sitting at the bedside of her critically ill mother-in-law, she was about to learn the harsh reality of what had happened during those dark times, from the lips of someone born in one of the darkest of dark places….

A story based on the real-life experiences of five women who lived, loved and lost amid the atrocities of war.
Did these horrors really happen in a ‘civilised’ country
 a mere generation ago?

SISTERS OF WAR is available as an ebook and paperback from all good online retailers.

★★★★★ "Couldn't put it down!" from Chelsea on Amazon:  I loved everything about this book! Cleverly written ... I couldn't put it down! Riveting story of war torn Austria. If you love a well written story intertwined with factual events then this is the read for you! Great work Alicia Hope. 

Good news for bibliophiles who read with their ears!

SISTERS OF WAR is now in audio, narrated by yours truly.

 Available from all good audio book retailers. You can listen to a sample here.


Entering the audio book market with my first published work - MAGGIE, a short story

 Another first!

My short story, Maggie, is now available as an audio book, narrated by yours truly. 

You can listen to a sample here.


THE place for a writing retreat, and inspiration for the setting of a forthcoming novel :)

This is where I'd LOVE to have a writing retreat ... or maybe spend a few months as 'writer in residence' (if I could be so lucky!).

Some of the fabulous timberwork inside the castle
Larnach's Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand, is not only one of my favourite places in the world, it's also chock-full of fascinating history - from its flamboyant first family's drama-filled early days to total abandonment, use as a mental asylum & WWII billet house, and now in the care of its present-day saviours ... what a sensory overload!