Cover reveal!

My 2024 release, The Long Road to Loving Byron, book 5 in the LONG ROAD series. 

A castle, a handsome butler, an age-old secret, and a pretty Aussie with a nose for mystery.

If Lorienne Castle could speak it would tell of dark deeds and buried truths, and for adventure-seeking Madeleine, unlocking the castle's secrets is an exciting challenge. Aided by the castle's undeniably dishy butler, she sets out to solve an age-old family mystery while facing the dangers—and desires—that lurk in the shadows.

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for December 2024 (or earlier) release.

Some atmospheric inspiration for my 2024 novel....

From White Noise Tranquility on Youtube (complete with atmospheric sounds). And yes, the story is set in a castle. Wooohhh ...  🏰 👻 😬 😉


A new look for Jackson

From the talented designers at 100Covers

Would love to hear what you think of Jackson's new look. Post a comment below to let me know. 😀


Trouble and heartache around every bend in the road.

When pro trick rider Abbey returns home to the Queensland cattle farm she now owns, she is confronted with a suspicious death, a close family friend in dire need, and a mysterious squatter trespassing on more than just her land. With her career and love life already in tatters, Abbey must decide whether to cut and run, or stay and ride it out.

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Verity's 'anthem'

Verity is the heroine in my forthcoming novel The Long Road to Loving Royce, and now I've found 'her' song. 


One prestigious job opportunity, two main contenders. She's trapped under a glass ceiling. His career is all he cares about. Will it take a potentially dangerous alliance for them both to succeed?

And is there more on the line here than just a job?


Verity's song is Try Everything by Shakira. You can listen to it here.


Reviews of my Long Road Box Set - all 5 star!

Readers' Favourite reviewers said: 

'There will surely be something for everyone in these romances because they’re so filled with universal themes and relatable emotional trials. If it’s western-style outback romance you’re into, then look no further than The Long Road Box Set for your next cozy read.' - KC Finn  

'Each novel is unique. The pace is fast without giving readers whiplash, the characters are given a chance to develop properly, and the plot is interesting to make me keep turning pages. I love how the feelings develop gradually and not in a flash! Alicia Hope has crafted a masterpiece.' - Rabia   

And from my 😍 favourite review:

'All three stories take place in rural Australia and are read as stand-alone novels. The writing is clean and the pacing is absolute perfection ... I'd give these three novels a whole bucket full of stars if I could.' - Jamie


For 2023 release - book 4 in my LONG ROAD series

The Long Road to Loving Royce 

One prestigious job opportunity, two main contenders. She’s trapped under a glass ceiling. His career is all he cares about.

Ambitious divorcee Verity Parker is determined to break new ground for professional women in the male-dominated Australian mining industry, by shattering the company’s glass ceiling and proving she has what it takes to survive the perils of upper management. Success can come at a cost though, which Verity discovers after snatching the top job from the waiting hands of her main rival. 

Royce James is known to be hard-nosed and astute, making him a formidable adversary but also a valuable ally in the dog-eat-dog corporate world. Can Verity forge an alliance with him, the man she beat to the coveted CEO position and who no doubt holds a grudge? 

With tensions between them rising, can Verity trust Royce to do right by her, or will he prove to be her most ruthless nemesis? Does he have her job in his sights, or her wary heart? Or both?

If you enjoyed the intense power struggles in The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll love this story of ambition, power plays, and workplace romance, as Alicia Hope’s gutsy heroine navigates the shark-filled waters of corporate Australia. 

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