Some of my favourite things ...

A big favourite!
 And here is one of my favourite recipes:

Alicia's Chocolate Fudge Cake (aka Chocolate Brownies) 
Ingredients:  250g dark chocolate (chopped), 125g butter, 2/3 cup caster sugar, 2/3 cup SR flour, 4 eggs, lightly beaten (or 2 for a more brownie-like consistency).
Method:  Melt the chocolate and butter over hot water then allow to cool slightly. Put all ingredients in a bowl & beat at low speed until combined. Increase to med speed & beat for 3 minutes. Pour mixture into a greased & lined 19x29cm lamington tin & bake in mod oven for approx 30 minutes. Stand for 5 minutes before turning out, slicing, & dusting with icing sugar. Keeps in an air-tight container for up to 3 days - but mine never last that long! :-)


My little muse, LB (for Little Bird)

And another fine feathered friend. I quickly snapped this photo
out of the kitchen window on a bright winter's day.
How cute is this little guy?

Oh damn! Now all I have left is the cork ...