The First LONG ROAD romance

Being in love with one man but married to another isn't a situation uber-capable HR officer Maggie could have prepared for, and when civil engineer Grayson travels to a remote western Queensland town to relieve for six weeks, he isn't expecting to have to summon the Flying Doctors, survive a tropical cyclone, or lose his heart.
So when he finally sets off on the journey home, neither of them realises that Maggie is also on the road ....
the long road to loving Grayson. 

And there are plenty of roadblocks and obstacles along the way, so buckle up!

The Long Road to Loving Grayson is available in ebook and paperback from your favourite retailer

What readers have to say:
'The Long Road to Loving Grayson is a wonderful, genuinely Australian story with a 'Pom' for a hero - never mind his nationality *wink* I loved Gray. The characters in this story are real and their struggles compelling. And the final line is brilliant! ★★★★★


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